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I offer evidence-based treatments (in other words, treatments that are backed by research) for a wide variety of mental health conditions in adults. Please contact me to discuss specific mental health concerns and/or treatments I offer. 


I specialize in complicated cases in which individuals have multiple psychiatric disorders, personality disorders, and/or other medical conditions. I have a particular interest in mood and anxiety disorders, OCD, trauma/PTSD, and personality disorders. 


​​Of note, I am a certified Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) psychologist and also provide Prolonged Exposure (PE), both of which are considered the gold-standard treatments for trauma/PTSD. 


​​After an initial appointment, you and I will discuss treatment options you are interested in, types and durations of sessions, and how long treatment may take. I also offer multiple sessions per week for those with limited availability or a desire to work intensively on treatment goals. 

As noted above, services can be provided in-person, in my office (located in Boca Raton, FL) and/or via telehealth through a secure, HIPAA-compliant online platform. If being seen via telehealth, clients can be located anywhere in the state of Florida.   

I take special care to ensure the services I offer are culturally-sensitive. I have extensive experience working with individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds as well as many facets of diversity including sexual orientation/identity and religion/spirituality. It is important to me that your treatment and treatment goals incorporate the aspects of your life that are meaningful to you. I provide services in either English or Spanish!



In addition to ongoing therapy services, I also offer detailed diagnostic assessments. I recommend a thorough diagnostic assessment as a good starting place for treatment. An assessment can be especially helpful if this is your first time seeking services, you’re overwhelmed by multiple symptoms you don’t understand, or you question a previously given diagnosis.



Whether you are a licensed provider or a therapist in training, getting your own psychological care is of the utmost importance. I provide psychotherapy for therapists to address issues such as burnout, transference/countertransference, frustration with difficult cases, other unresolved emotional issues that may be coming up unexpectedly with clinical cases, and more. 

*Please note that due to conflict of interest, I cannot see current or soon to be NSU clinical psychology graduate students.



As my area of expertise is complicated clinical cases, I am pleased to offer consultation to providers on difficult cases. Consultation can be provided on an ongoing, short-term, or one-time basis. 



Research has consistently demonstrated the benefits of psychotherapy, being outside in nature, and exercise…so why not combine all three! As I am located in Boca Raton, Florida, I am pleased to be able to offer walk and talk therapy at the beach. Walk and Talk therapy or even simply holding our therapy session at the beach can be very therapeutic. These may also be good options for individuals who are currently having difficulty leaving their home or meeting their other goals (e.g., physical fitness goals). 

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